Best Food in India Which State

by Everett Dennis
Savor the best food in India by exploring the rich culinary delights of each state

India is a country known for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and of course, its incredible cuisine. The diversity in flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques make India a food lover’s paradise. From the fiery dishes of the north to the coconut-infused delicacies of the south, each state in India offers a unique gastronomic experience.

When it comes to exploring the best food in India, which state should you visit? In this article, we will take you on a culinary journey through the different states of India to discover their iconic dishes and flavors. From the savory street food of Mumbai to the delectable seafood of Goa, we will uncover the best food that each state has to offer.

Join us as we delve into the northern delights of Delhi, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. We’ll also explore the southern flavors of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, we’ll take a culinary journey through Rajasthan and Gujarat in western India and savor the eastern eats of West Bengal, Odisha, and Assam.

We’ll also explore the spice route in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu to discover their delectable dishes. If street food is more your style, we’ve got you covered with our exploration of the best street food in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. And for seafood lovers, we invite you to join us as we sample the best seafood in Goa, Kerala, and West Bengal.

Furthermore if you’re vegetarian or have a sweet tooth? Don’t worry – we will also be highlighting the best vegetarian food options across India as well as exploring the best desserts and sweets in different states. So sit back, relax and get ready to embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure through the diverse flavors of India.

Northern Delights

The northern region of India is renowned for its rich and flavorful cuisine, with each state offering its own unique delicacies that are a must-try for any food lover. From the spicy street food of Delhi to the hearty Punjabi dishes and the delectable sweets of Uttar Pradesh, this region is a culinary paradise waiting to be explored.

Delhi: A Street Food Lover’s Haven

Delhi, being the capital city, is a melting pot of diverse cultures and cuisines. The street food in Delhi is legendary, with iconic dishes such as chaat, chole bhature, and parathas stealing the show. Each neighborhood in Delhi has its own specialty when it comes to street food, making it an adventure for food enthusiasts to explore the city’s culinary delights.

Punjab: Hearty and Flavorful Dishes

Punjab is known for its rich and indulgent dishes that are a delight for both vegetarians and meat lovers. From the creamy dal makhani to the iconic tandoori chicken and buttery lachha parathas, the cuisine of Punjab is all about bold flavors and generous portions. The state’s love for dairy reflects in its desserts like phirni and kulfi, which are a sweet ending to any meal.

Uttar Pradesh: A Paradise for Sweet Lovers

Uttar Pradesh is famous for its mouth-watering sweets such as jalebi, imarti, petha, and more. The state’s cuisine also offers savory delights like kebabs, biryanis, and chaats that are packed with exquisite flavors. Lucknawi cuisine from the city of Lucknow is particularly renowned for its royal heritage and complex flavors.

Exploring these northern states of India not only offers a gastronomic journey but also a glimpse into their rich cultural heritage through their traditional recipes and cooking techniques. Whether you’re seeking spicy street food in Delhi or indulging in hearty Punjabi meals, the northern region of India has something to offer for every palate.

Southern Flavors

The southern region of India is a haven for food lovers, offering a diverse range of flavors and dishes that are unique to each state. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh are known for their rich culinary traditions and use of local ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Kerala: The Land of Spices and Seafood

Kerala, also known as “God’s Own Country,” is famous for its abundant use of coconut and spices in its cuisine. The state’s proximity to the sea also means that seafood features prominently in its dishes. One cannot talk about Kerala’s food without mentioning the beloved “sadya,” a traditional feast served on a banana leaf, featuring an array of vegetarian dishes like avial, thoran, and olan.

Tamil Nadu: A Culinary Mosaic

Tamil Nadu’s culinary tradition is a diverse mix of flavors and influences from the Chettinad region’s fiery non-vegetarian dishes to the mild and creamy flavors of the Kongunadu region. One cannot visit Tamil Nadu without trying the iconic dosa, idli, and sambar, which are popular not only in India but around the world. The state is also known for its biryani, a fragrant rice dish made with an array of aromatic spices.

Andhra Pradesh: Spicy Delights

Andhra Pradesh is renowned for its spicy cuisine characterized by its lavish use of chili peppers. The state’s cuisine offers a perfect balance of tangy, sweet, hot, and salty flavors. One cannot miss trying the famous Hyderabadi biryani or the iconic gongura chutney when visiting this state.

Each southern state offers unique culinary experiences that showcase the diversity and complexity of Indian cuisine. From rich seafood dishes in Kerala to flavorful vegetarian fare in Tamil Nadu to spice-infused delicacies in Andhra Pradesh, exploring the best food in these states will undoubtedly leave you with a greater appreciation for the culinary artistry that India has to offer.

The Rich Cuisine of Rajasthan and Gujarat

Rajasthan and Gujarat are two states in western India that offer a rich and diverse culinary experience. The cuisine of both states is heavily influenced by the arid climate and the availability of ingredients, resulting in unique and flavorful dishes that are not found elsewhere in the country. From hearty Rajasthani thalis to the sweet treats of Gujarat, the food in these states is a testament to their vibrant culture and history.

In Rajasthan, the traditional cuisine is known for its bold flavors and generous use of spices. One of the most popular dishes from this state is dal baati churma, which consists of savory lentils, baked wheat bread rolls, and a crumbled wheat dessert.

Another must-try dish is laal maas, a spicy meat curry that showcases the use of rich red chilies and other aromatic spices. For those with a sweet tooth, Rajasthan offers delectable sweets such as ghewar, a delicately prepared dessert made from flour, ghee, and sugar syrup.

On the other hand, Gujarati cuisine is largely vegetarian and known for its sweet, salty, and spicy flavors. Dhokla and khandvi are popular savory snacks that showcase the state’s expertise in creating delicious steamed dishes. Undhiyu is a vegetable curry made with a combination of winter vegetables that are typically only available during the cooler months. Finally, no visit to Gujarat would be complete without trying their famous sweetened yogurt drink called chaas or buttermilk.

The culinary journey through these Western states also includes experiencing vibrant street food scenes in cities like Jaipur and Ahmedabad. From pyaaz kachori (spiced onion-filled pastries) to fafda-jalebi (crispy gram flour strips with syrupy fried batter), there is no shortage of delicious snacks to indulge in while exploring these regions.

Overall, Rajasthan and Gujarat offer an array of mouthwatering dishes that truly capture the essence of their respective cultures. Whether you’re craving hearty meats or flavorful vegetarian fare, these Western states have something to satisfy every palate. So next time you find yourself pondering where to find the best food in India which state look no further than Rajasthan and Gujarat for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Eastern Eats

East India is a region known for its diverse and delectable culinary offerings. From the rich flavors of West Bengal to the famous seafood dishes of Odisha and the unique cuisine of Assam, this part of the country has something to offer for every palate. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best food in West Bengal, Odisha, and Assam.

West Bengal is renowned for its iconic Bengali cuisine, which features a balance of sweet and savory flavors. Some must-try dishes in this state include the famous fish curry known as “machher jhol,” the mouthwatering sweetmeats like “rosogolla” and “sandesh,” and the classic rice and lentil dish called “khichuri.” Additionally, street food in Kolkata offers a wide variety of delicacies such as puchkas, rolls, and chops that are not to be missed.

Moving on to Odisha, this coastal state offers an array of flavorful seafood dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The traditional Oriya cuisine includes aromatic rice dishes like “pakhala bhata,” spicy curries such as “machha besara” made with fish and mustard paste, and delectable sweets like “rasabali” and “chhena poda”.

In Assam, you can expect to savor a unique blend of flavors influenced by its geography and cultural diversity. Assamese cuisine often features rice as a staple ingredient along with an assortment of meats, fish, and vegetables. Must-try dishes include “masor tenga,” a sour fish curry made with tomatoes or lemon, “khar,” an alkaline dish made with raw papaya or pulses, and traditional sweets like “pitha” made with rice flour.

It’s clear that when it comes to exploring the best food in India which state has the most diverse offerings, East India is certainly not to be overlooked. With its range of flavors, ingredients, and cooking styles, this region promises an unforgettable culinary experience for any food lover. Whether you’re craving seafood by the coast or indulging in sweet treats from Bengal’s bustling streets, East India has something for everyone’s palate.

Discover the unique flavors of India's best food in every state, from north to south

The Spice Route

The southern states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are renowned for their unique and flavorful cuisine. Each state has its own distinct dishes and culinary traditions that have been passed down through generations, making these regions a food lover’s paradise.

Kerala, known as the “Land of Spices,” is famous for its use of coconut in various forms – from coconut oil to grated coconut and coconut milk. One of the most popular dishes from Kerala is the delectable fish curry made with a combination of coconut milk and spices, such as turmeric, coriander, and fenugreek. Another must-try dish is appam, a fluffy pancake made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk, often served with a rich and creamy vegetable stew.

Moving to Karnataka, you’ll find a wide array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are bursting with flavors. The state is particularly known for its delicious dosas – crispy fermented crepes often stuffed with spicy potato filling.

Another staple dish is bisi bele bath, a spicy rice-based dish made with lentils, vegetables, tamarind pulp, and a special spice mix. And let’s not forget about the aromatic Mysore pak – a fudge-like sweet made from gram flour, ghee, sugar, and cardamom.

Tamil Nadu offers a diverse range of dishes influenced by its rich cultural heritage. The state’s cuisine is characterized by the generous use of spices including coriander, cumin, red chilies, and mustard seeds. One cannot miss out on trying the classic Chettinad cuisine which includes dishes like Chettinad chicken curry – a fiery dish made with freshly ground spices like peppercorns, fennel seeds.

cinnamon sticks which gives it an amazing aroma.

It’s no wonder that these three states in Southern India offer some of the best food in India which state ranks among those with unique culinary experiences that leave both locals and visitors craving for more.

State Best Dish
Kerala Fish curry with Coconut Milk
Karnataka Dosa
Tamil Nadu Chettinad Chicken Curry

Street Food Extravaganza

India is renowned for its diverse and flavorful street food offerings, with each state boasting its own unique and delicious specialties. From savory chaat to spicy kebabs, street food in India offers a sensory feast for both locals and tourists alike. Here are some of the best street food offerings in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi that you must try on your culinary journey through India.

In Mumbai, the bustling streets are filled with the enticing aromas of vada pav, pav bhaji, and sev puri. Vada Pav, often referred to as the “Indian burger,” is a spicy potato fritter sandwiched between a soft bun, while pav bhaji is a delectable blend of mashed vegetables served with buttered rolls. Sev Puri is another iconic dish in Mumbai’s street food scene, featuring crispy puris topped with tangy chutneys, potatoes, and sev.

Moving towards Kolkata, the city offers an array of mouthwatering street food options such as kathi rolls, puchkas (also known as golgappas or paani puri), and jhal muri. Kathi rolls are popular street wraps filled with marinated meat or paneer, while puchkas are hollow wheat balls filled with a mixture of flavored water, tamarind chutney, potatoes, and chickpeas. Jhal muri is a spicy and tangy snack made with puffed rice, spices, peanuts, and other savory ingredients.

Delhi is another street food haven that boasts iconic dishes such as chole bhature, parathas, and chaat. Chole Bhature is a classic North Indian dish consisting of spicy chickpea curry served with deep-fried bread called bhature. Parathas are stuffed flatbreads that come in various flavors such as potato, paneer, and mixed vegetables. And when it comes to chaat – whether it’s papdi chaat or dahi bhalla – Delhi serves some of the best versions of these tangy and flavorful snacks.

When exploring the best street food in Mumbai,Kolkata,and Delhi, one cannot miss out on these delightful local dishes that offer a burst of flavors unique to each state. Whether you find yourself savoring vada pav in Mumbai’s vibrant markets or indulging in kathi rolls on the streets of Kolkata,don’t miss this chance to taste some of India’s most beloved culinary creations on your travel through India.

Coastal Cuisines

When it comes to seafood, India’s coastal states have an abundance of delicious dishes to offer. From the spicy curries of Goa to the flavorful preparations of Kerala and West Bengal, each state has its own unique take on seafood that is a must-try for any food lover.

Starting with Goa, this coastal state is renowned for its diverse range of seafood dishes. With influences from Portuguese and local Konkani cuisine, Goan seafood often features coconut milk, tamarind, and a variety of spices. Some must-try dishes include Goan fish curry, prawn balcḥo, and crab xec xec Рall of which perfectly showcase the fusion of flavors that define Goan cuisine.

Moving down to Kerala, the state’s extensive coastline ensures that fresh seafood is always a staple in local meals. From traditional fish molee to spicy shrimp masala and flavorful crab roast, Kerala’s cuisine offers a wide range of seafood options that cater to every palate. Seafood lovers visiting Kerala should also not miss out on the famous Keralite dish – karimeen pollichathu – a spicy and tangy preparation of pearl spot fish.

West Bengal’s cuisine also boasts a rich selection of seafood dishes owing to its close proximity to the Bay of Bengal. Famous for their love for fish, Bengalis prepare their seafood with an array of spices such as mustard seeds, turmeric and poppy seeds.

The iconic Bengali fish curry or macher jhol is a delicacy that perfectly captures the essence of West Bengal’s coastal cuisine. Must-try dishes also include chingri malai curry (prawn curry) and bhapa ilish (steamed hilsa fish).

Vegetarian Delights

India is a paradise for vegetarians, with a wide variety of delicious and diverse vegetarian dishes to choose from. Each state in India has its own unique vegetarian delicacies that are not only tasty but also reflect the culture and traditions of the region. From flavorful curries to delectable street food, here’s a look at some of the best vegetarian food offerings across different states in India.

In the northern part of India, particularly in Delhi, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh, you can indulge in traditional favorites such as chole bhature, palak paneer, and aloo paratha. The rich and creamy gravies paired with freshly baked bread or rice make for a satisfying meal that is loved by locals and tourists alike. Uttar Pradesh is also known for its delectable array of chaats such as golgappa and aloo tikki chaat.

Moving down south to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, you’ll find an entirely different set of vegetarian delights. South Indian cuisine is renowned for its use of coconut, curry leaves, and an assortment of spices that give dishes like dosa, idli sambar, and avial their distinct flavors. The use of rice as a staple makes these dishes not only delicious but also filling.

As you journey through the western states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, you will be treated to a rich blend of vegetarian fare that includes dishes like dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, dhokla, and theplas. The cuisine in these regions is influenced by their arid climate which has resulted in the use of indigenous ingredients like gram flour (besan) and millet flour (bajra).

In West Bengal, Odisha, and Assam located in the eastern part of India, you can savor authentic Bengali cuisine featuring dishes such as shukto (mixed vegetable stew), mochar ghonto (banana flower curry), and alur dom (spicy potato curry). Additionally, Assamese cuisine boasts flavor-packed preparations made from bamboo shoot curry while Odia cuisine offers pakhala bhat (fermented rice) along with an array of vegetable curries.

When it comes to vegetarian delights in India’s coastal regions such as Goa, Kerala, and West Bengal seafood often takes center stage; however there are also sumptuous vegetarian options available. In Goa especially you can savor spicy vindaloo or xacuti made from locally grown vegetables while Bengal offers classic dishes like shukto patoler dolma (stuffed pointed gourds) alongside delectable fish-based fare.

These are just a few examples highlighting the vast array of vegetarian options available on Indian menus. Whether you prefer North Indian gravies or spicy South Indian curries each region has something unique to offer when it comes to vegetarian delights – making it clear why Indian cuisine has earned its reputation for being home to some of the best food in India which state included on your culinary journey.

The Sweet Endings

In conclusion, the rich and diverse culinary landscape of India offers a wide array of delectable dishes, and when it comes to desserts and sweets, each state has its own unique offerings. From the creamy texture of Karnataka’s Mysore Pak to the syrupy sweetness of West Bengal’s Roshogolla, there is something for every sweet tooth in India.

The northern states like Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are known for their indulgent sweets such as jalebi and gulab jamun, while Rajasthan offers a tempting assortment of dry fruits and milk-based treats. In the southern part of the country, Kerala tantalizes the taste buds with its coconut-infused desserts like Payasam, while Tamil Nadu boasts a variety of sweet pongal dishes that are both flavorful and aromatic.

Moving towards the eastern states of India, West Bengal takes pride in its extensive range of sweet delicacies including Sandesh and Mishti Doi. The western state of Gujarat is famous for its traditional sweets like Mohanthal and Basundi which never fail to satisfy a craving for something sugary.

When it comes to exploring street food or coastal cuisine, Mumbai emerges as a treasure trove for mouth-watering sweets like Bhel Puri and Vada Pav, reflecting the city’s vibrant food culture. Meanwhile, West Bengal’s coastal regions showcase an impressive selection of seafood-based desserts such as Chingri Malai Curry.

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