Aloo Bhujia Recipe in Hindi

by Aditya Kaur
Delicious Aloo Bhujia Recipe in Hindi

Aloo Bhujia, also known as potato sev, is a popular Indian snack that is loved for its crispy and savory taste. The dish holds a significant place in Indian cuisine and is often enjoyed as a light snack or accompaniment to meals. In this article, we will delve into the origins of Aloo Bhujia, explore its cultural significance, and provide a detailed recipe for making it at home.

Originating from the state of Rajasthan in India, Aloo Bhujia has been a staple snack in Indian households for generations. It is believed to have been created by the Marwari community, known for their traditional culinary expertise. The dish quickly gained popularity and spread across the country, eventually becoming a beloved snack that can be found in markets and homes throughout India.

The key ingredient of Aloo Bhujia is, of course, potatoes. Combined with besan (gram flour), spices, and herbs, the mixture is then shaped into thin strands and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. The result is a delightful snack that pairs well with chai (tea) or can be savored on its own. Known for its addictive flavor and crunchy texture, Aloo Bhujia has become an integral part of Indian snacking culture.

In the following sections of this article, we will discuss the ingredients needed to make Aloo Bhujia at home, provide step-by-step instructions for preparing it from scratch, share tips for achieving the perfect crispy texture, highlight its nutritional value, suggest creative serving ideas, explore variations of the recipe to suit different preferences, and present the recipe in Hindi for our Hindi-speaking readers.

Join us on this culinary journey as we uncover the history and secrets behind making the perfect Aloo Bhujia right in your own kitchen. Whether you’re new to this delicious snack or a long-time fan looking to recreate it at home – there’s something for everyone to discover about Aloo Bhujia.

Ingredients for Aloo Bhujia

Aloo Bhujia, a popular Indian snack, is a savory and crispy treat that is enjoyed by people of all ages across the country. This delectable dish has its origins in the state of Rajasthan and has since become a beloved staple in Indian cuisine. Aloo Bhujia is known for its unique flavor and crunchy texture, making it a favorite snack to enjoy with tea or as an accompaniment to meals.

To prepare Aloo Bhujia at home, you will need a few key ingredients that are readily available in most kitchens. The main component of Aloo Bhujia is, of course, potatoes. Additionally, you will need besan (gram flour), rice flour, salt, red chili powder, asafoetida (hing), and oil for frying. These simple yet essential ingredients come together to create the delightful Aloo Bhujia that we all love.

The quantity of each ingredient is crucial to achieving the perfect balance of flavors and textures in Aloo Bhujia. For one batch of Aloo Bhujia, you will typically need three medium-sized potatoes, one cup of besan (gram flour), two tablespoons of rice flour, half a teaspoon of salt (or according to taste), half a teaspoon of red chili powder (adjust for spice level), a pinch of asafoetida, and oil for deep-frying.

It’s important to ensure that the potatoes are thinly sliced or grated to achieve the desired crispness in the Aloo Bhujia. The besan and rice flour provide the crispy coating while the seasonings add that signature spicy kick. With these ingredients in hand and their quantities measured accurately, you’re well on your way to preparing delicious homemade Aloo Bhujia.

For those interested in trying out this tantalizing recipe at home using Hindi language instructions can look up “aloo bhujia recipe in hindi” online for step-by-step guidance on creating this beloved Indian snack. Whether enjoyed as a quick bite or served alongside other dishes during mealtime, Aloo Bhujia offers an irresistible combination of flavors and textures that make it an enjoyable treat for any occasion.

Preparation of Aloo Bhujia

To make Aloo Bhujia at home, you will need a few key ingredients and a bit of time and patience. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create this delicious Indian snack in the comfort of your own kitchen.

To start, gather all the necessary ingredients: 2 large potatoes, 1 cup besan (gram flour), 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon red chili powder, a pinch of asafoetida, salt to taste, 3 tablespoons hot oil, and oil for deep frying. These can easily be found at your local grocery store or Indian specialty market.

Begin by peeling the potatoes and grating them into a bowl. Squeeze out any excess moisture from the grated potatoes using a clean cloth or paper towel. This step is important to ensure that the Aloo Bhujia turns out crispy.

In a separate mixing bowl, combine the besan, turmeric powder, red chili powder, asafoetida, salt, and hot oil. Mix everything together until it forms a crumbly texture. Then add in the grated potatoes and mix well until they are evenly coated with the besan mixture.

Authentic Aloo Bhujia Recipe in Hindi

Once the mixture is ready, heat oil in a deep frying pan over medium heat. You’ll want enough oil to fully submerge the Aloo Bhujia during frying. Using an Aloo Bhujia maker or press with fine sev attachment (also known as sev sancha), fill it with some of the potato mixture.

Carefully press the Aloo Bhujia maker over the hot oil, moving it in a circular motion to form a nest-like pattern with the potato mixture. Fry until they turn golden brown and crispy, then remove from the oil using a slotted spoon and place on paper towels to drain any excess oil.

Follow these simple steps and you will have homemade Aloo Bhujia that is just as good as what you’d find at your favorite Indian snack shop. Enjoy this crunchy treat on its own or as part of a delicious meal.

Tips for a Perfect Aloo Bhujia

Making the perfect Aloo Bhujia can be a bit tricky, but with the right tips and tricks, you can ensure that your homemade snack turns out crispy, flavorful, and absolutely delicious. Here are some pro-tips to help you master the art of making Aloo Bhujia at home.

Use Fresh Ingredients

One of the most important factors in making Aloo Bhujia is using fresh ingredients. Make sure your potatoes are firm and without any sprouts, and that your spices are fresh and aromatic. Using stale or old ingredients can affect the flavor and texture of your Aloo Bhujia.

Get the Right Consistency

When preparing the dough for your Aloo Bhujia, it’s crucial to achieve the right consistency. The dough should not be too soft or too hard. It should be pliable enough to pass through the sev maker easily while still holding its shape. Adding too much water can make the dough sticky, so be mindful of how much liquid you incorporate.

Oil Temperature

Maintaining the correct oil temperature is key to achieving perfectly crispy Aloo Bhujia. If the oil is too hot, the bhujia will burn quickly on the outside without cooking through properly. On the other hand, if the oil is not hot enough, your bhujia will absorb excess oil and turn out greasy.

Store Properly

Once your Aloo Bhujia is made, it’s important to store it properly to retain its crispiness. Transfer it to an airtight container once it has cooled completely and store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to moisture as this can cause it to lose its crunchiness.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating delectable homemade Aloo Bhujia that rivals any store-bought version.

Health Benefits of Aloo Bhujia

Aloo Bhujia, a popular Indian snack, not only delights the taste buds but also offers several health benefits. This crispy and flavorful snack is not only a delight to eat but is also rich in essential nutrients. Here are some of the health benefits of Aloo Bhujia:

1. Potassium: Aloo Bhujia is made from potatoes, which are a good source of potassium. Potassium helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and supports proper functioning of the muscles and nerves.

2. Vitamins: The addition of spices like turmeric and red chili powder in Aloo Bhujia provides essential vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A. These vitamins have antioxidant properties that help in boosting the immune system and promoting healthy skin.

3. Fiber: The use of besan (gram flour) in the recipe adds fiber to this snack. Fiber aids in digestion and helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

4. Protein: Besan also contributes to the protein content in Aloo Bhujia, making it a good vegetarian source of protein. Protein is essential for muscle growth and overall body repair.

5. Low Cholesterol: When prepared at home with minimal oil, Aloo Bhujia can be a low-cholesterol snack option compared to other fried snacks available in the market.

The inclusion of these valuable nutrients makes Aloo Bhujia not just a delicious treat but also an advantageous snack choice for individuals looking to indulge without compromising on health goals.

Moreover, Aloo Bhujia holds an important place in Indian cuisine due to its role as a traditional tea-time snack or an accompaniment during festive occasions. Its crunchy texture and spicy flavor make it a popular choice among all age groups, adding to its significance in Indian culture.

Step-by-Step Aloo Bhujia Recipe in Hindi

This traditional snack has stood the test of time as an integral part of Indian culinary heritage, providing both nourishment and pleasure to its consumers for generations.

Serving Suggestions

Aloo Bhujia is a popular Indian snack that is enjoyed by people of all ages across the country. It is known for its crispy texture, spicy flavor, and versatility. Aloo Bhujia can be enjoyed on its own as a snack, or it can be used as an accompaniment in various dishes. Here are some creative serving suggestions to explore the different ways in which you can enjoy Aloo Bhujia.

One simple way to serve Aloo Bhujia is by placing it in a bowl and serving it alongside your favorite beverage, such as tea or coffee. The crunchy texture and spicy flavor make it the perfect snack to munch on while relaxing at home or socializing with friends and family. It’s also a great option for parties and gatherings, where it can be served in small bowls or dishes for guests to enjoy.

Another creative way to serve Aloo Bhujia is by incorporating it into chaat, a popular Indian street food. You can sprinkle a handful of Aloo Bhujia on top of bhel puri, papdi chaat, or dahi puri to add an extra crunch and flavor to these savory snacks. The combination of textures and flavors creates a delightful culinary experience that is sure to impress your taste buds.

If you’re looking for a unique twist, consider using Aloo Bhujia as a topping for salads or yogurt-based dishes. The addition of this crispy snack will not only enhance the overall taste but also add an interesting element to the dish. You can experiment with different salad ingredients and dressings to create a refreshing and satisfying meal that features Aloo Bhujia as a star ingredient.

For those who enjoy experimenting with flavors, try incorporating Aloo Bhujia into your favorite sandwiches or wraps. Whether you’re making a classic vegetable sandwich or a spicy masala wrap, adding a layer of Aloo Bhujia will take the dish to a whole new level. The combination of textures and spices will elevate the overall taste and make for a memorable dining experience.

By exploring these serving suggestions, you can discover fun and creative ways to enjoy Aloo Bhujia as both a standalone snack and an accompaniment in various dishes. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply looking for new ways to enjoy this beloved Indian snack, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate Aloo Bhujia into your culinary repertoire.

Variations of Aloo Bhujia

Aloo Bhujia, a popular Indian snack known for its crispy and flavorful nature, can be customized in various ways to cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer it spicy, tangy, or with a unique twist, there are several variations of Aloo Bhujia that you can try at home.

Spicy Aloo Bhujia

For those who enjoy a kick of heat in their snacks, adding extra red chili powder or finely chopped green chilies can add an extra level of spiciness to the traditional Aloo Bhujia recipe. You can also experiment with the quantity of spices to tailor the spice level according to your preference.

Tangy Aloo Bhujia

To add a tangy twist to your Aloo Bhujia, consider incorporating amchur (dried mango powder) or chaat masala into the spice mix. These tangy elements will elevate the flavor profile of the snack and provide a delightful contrast to the crispy texture of the bhujia.

Herb-Infused Aloo Bhujia

For a refreshing and aromatic variation, consider adding dried herbs such as dried mint or dried fenugreek leaves (kasuri methi) to the spice mix. The herbal notes will lend a unique complexity to the flavor of the Aloo Bhujia.

Savory Nuts and Seeds Aloo Bhujia

If you enjoy added texture and nuttiness in your snacks, consider tossing in some roasted peanuts or a sprinkle of sesame seeds during the cooking process. This variation not only adds crunch but also introduces an additional layer of flavor to the dish.

Sweet and Spicy Aloo Bhujia

For those who appreciate the combination of sweet and spicy flavors, consider incorporating a pinch of sugar along with some red chili powder into the spice mix. The subtle sweetness will balance out the heat from the spices and create a harmonious blend of flavors.

By experimenting with these variations, you can customize Aloo Bhujia to suit your taste preferences and create a snack that is truly your own. Whether you prefer it spicy, tangy, herb-infused, nutty, or sweet and spicy – there’s no shortage of options when it comes to customizing this beloved Indian snack mentioned as aalu bhujia recipe in hindi

Aloo Bhujia Recipe in Hindi

For our Hindi-speaking readers, here is the Aloo Bhujia recipe in Hindi:

Simple and Tasty Aloo Bhujia Recipe in Hindi


  • 2 आलू (उबले हुए और कद्दूकस किए हुए)
  • 1 कप बेसन
  • 1 छोटी चम्मच अजवाइन
  • 1/2 छोटी चम्मच हींग
  • 1/2 छोटी चम्मच स्वाद के अनुसार नमक
  • 1/2 छोटी चम्मच हल्दी पाउडर
  • 1/2 छोटी चम्मच मिर्च पाउडर
  • 2 कप सरसों का मुहका


  1. सरसों का मुहका, हींग, अनारसे में सेकते हैं।
  2. प्रतिatury ki sari batanae ek saath kha kar achhi tarah mila len.
  3. Fir usme aalu ka masala daal kar milkar heat hone de.
  4. Ek pyale me besan le or usme namak estemal karke pani dalkar ek dam ghol bana le taaki chipkane na lage.
  5. Ab thali par sevai jaise presser (namak aacha milaye).
  6. Usme garam refine tel glai le or medium flame par oil garm kare.
  7. Jab oil garm ho jae to sevai yash taw par press karte huye sidhe oil me dalkar tale.le21═9q
  8. Sev Golden ke aa jaene par nikal le or paper napkins par nikalkar cool hone den.air fryer\house ka wok{\ft49

Kab ant tak rahckti air fryer ya wok bowl me pack hojae to br0wn na ho aur acch / / / hexi lagti heMpg.agw.

Pro tip: Make sure to fry the Aloo Bhujia on medium heat for the perfect crispiness.

So there you have it, the Aloo Bhujia recipe in Hindi for all our Hindi-speaking readers to enjoy at home. Happy cooking and snacking.

History of Aloo Bhujia

Aloo Bhujia, a popular Indian snack, has a rich and fascinating history that is deeply intertwined with the cultural fabric of India. The origins of Aloo Bhujia can be traced back to the state of Punjab, where it was traditionally prepared as a savory accompaniment to main meals. Over time, this humble snack gained widespread popularity across the country and is now enjoyed by people of all ages.

In the historical context, Aloo Bhujia was initially crafted using only a few basic ingredients such as potatoes, gram flour, and spices. It was a simple yet satisfying dish that provided nourishment and flavor to those who consumed it. As food traditions evolved, so did the recipe for Aloo Bhujia, with different regions adding their own unique twist to the snack. This resulted in a diverse array of Aloo Bhujia variations that showcase the culinary diversity of India.

The cultural significance of Aloo Bhujia extends beyond its role as a delicious snack. It is often served during festivals, gatherings, and celebrations as a symbol of hospitality and warmth. The act of preparing Aloo Bhujia at home and sharing it with loved ones has become a cherished tradition in many households. Additionally, Aloo Bhujia holds sentimental value for many individuals who associate it with fond memories of family gatherings and happy times.

As India continues to embrace modernity while staying connected to its roots, Aloo Bhujia remains an enduring symbol of traditional Indian flavors and culinary heritage. Its ability to adapt to changing times without losing its essence speaks volumes about its cultural significance. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack or part of elaborate feasts, Aloo Bhujia continues to hold a special place in the hearts and palates of Indians across the globe.

Given its historical and cultural importance, it is no surprise that Aloo Bhujia remains an integral part of Indian cuisine. As an iconic snack that embodies tradition and innovation simultaneously, it serves as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of Indian culinary heritage. With its deep roots in history and unwavering presence in contemporary culture, Aloo Bhujia stands as a testament to the timelessness of Indian gastronomy.


In conclusion, Aloo Bhujia is a beloved Indian snack with a rich history and cultural significance. This crispy, flavorful treat has been enjoyed by people of all ages for generations, making it an integral part of Indian cuisine. With its simple yet satisfying taste, Aloo Bhujia has become a staple in households across the country.

As outlined in this article, the ingredients for Aloo Bhujia are easily accessible and the preparation process is relatively straightforward. By following the step-by-step instructions and incorporating the pro-tips provided, anyone can achieve a perfect batch of homemade Aloo Bhujia.

It’s important to note that while Aloo Bhujia may not be the healthiest snack option, it does offer some nutritional value due to its use of potatoes and various spices. In moderation, this crunchy delight can definitely add some flavor to one’s diet.

For those looking to try their hand at making Aloo Bhujia at home, there are numerous serving suggestions and variations to explore. Whether it’s as a standalone snack or as a accompaniment with tea or other dishes, Aloo Bhujia can be enjoyed in various ways.

Finally, we encourage our readers to embrace the opportunity to delve into the history and cultural significance of this iconic Indian snack. By learning more about Aloo Bhujia and trying out the recipe in Hindi for Hindi-speaking individuals, one can truly appreciate the impact of this delectable treat on Indian cuisine. So gather your ingredients and get ready to enjoy some homemade Aloo Bhujia.

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